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The BK8 affiliate commission rate is determined by a combination of two factors, namely:

  • The total active player
  • The net loss of members (USD)

The table shows how the affiliate commission rate varies with the total active players and the net loss of members (USD).

Total member loss ($)Total active playersCommission rates
One and above<512%
1 – 15000>=528%
15001 and above>=540%
By invitation45%


From the table, it is shown that affiliates of BK8 are given a commission at a rate that is proportional to the total number of active players and the net loss of the members ($) on the BK8 platform. The number of players playing a poker game and their losses is not included in this commission allocation plan.

Affiliates will remain in their commission rate tier until they have successfully satisfied all the requirements needed to move to the next upper tier. They are subjected to promotion bonuses and rebate costs incurred during membership acquisition. The cost will be subtracted away from the revenue by the end of the month. These costs are promotion bonuses, transaction fees, and royalty fees.

The formula used for the calculation of affiliate commission for any tier of BK8 is:

bk8 sub affiliate


The company revenue is of two types, namely :

Positive revenue

Negative revenue

Positive revenue is incurred when the total winnings of members are way less than the losses. This results in surplus and positive commission for the affiliates; however, the tier.

Negative revenue, on the other hand, is incurred when the total winnings of the members are more than the losses of the members. This incurs a loss on the casino, and the effect of this loss is also felt by the affiliates. Affiliates do not receive a commission for that month, negative revenue for any given month will be carried forward to the following month.



Your career can be expanded when you build multiple businesses in another market. In BK8, agents are advised to develop second-line agents, i.e., agent recruit agents. Agents who have successfully referred their friends to join the BK8 affiliate program will be eligible for an extra 10\5 commission based on referral commission.


bk8 affiliate 1

  • Every referral commission payment will be paid in the currency you selected when creating your BK8 affiliate account.
  • Commissions are calculated only once every month and paid between the 5th and 7th of every month.
  • The commission amount will be deposited into your bank account within three working days after withdrawal request.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is MYR100/ THB1000/ IDR1000, any amount below these will be carried forward to the next month.
  • BK8 reserves the right to change the commission calculation method and the referral commission percentage at any time.
  • BK8 reserves the right to alter or amend and/ or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.
  • BK8 reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliate’s performance does not meet our expected quotas at a given period.


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