Live22: Online Casino Review

live22 online casino

Live22: Online Casino Review

With so many online casinos out there in the market place, making the right choice often becomes quite tough. Even many experienced online casino gamblers often make mistakes in choosing the right casino joints. On the other hand, we also have beginners who are trying online gambling for the first time and they frankly do not know how to differentiate the good online casino joints from the not so good ones.

live22 online casino review

The best way forward under such circumstances is researching and gathering information and then making a choice. If you care to spend some time going through the right due diligence process, you may have reasons to choose the Live22 online casino as one of the available options.

This online casino site has been there for some years now and though it has been able to win the trust and confidence of many players, there are a few more options like Spadegaming that are perhaps more popular for many players across the country. This review will have a look at some features of Live22 casino so that the readers and other stakeholders can get the right information about the various games they offer including the famous online slot games.


What Makes Live22 Just Okay

There are a few things that make this online casino popular though there are mixed opinions about the site when compared to other options like Spadegaming. We must bear in mind that, players flock to online sites because they want to experience the best possible gaming experience. They would not like to be bogged down and restricted to just a few games. The Live22 online site seemingly has a decent collection of games and this includes some exciting slot games that are suitable for both beginners and experienced slot players.

live22 sexy beach party

Live22 Sexy Beach Party

On the other end of the spectrum, players also can spend some time playing games like blackjack, pokers, etc. They also can enjoy roulette and other interesting wheel games. But if you are looking for something new and challenging then choosing Live22 slot game collections may be the right choice. Having said this, players should also look at other options like Spadegaming because of the choices and options that they offer.

The live 22 sites could also be a good choice is you are keen on engaging yourself with some quality Live22 slot game collections. The live slot games may appeal both to beginners and experts.

Many players believe that they should have tried this online casino in Malaysia much earlier because of obvious reasons. It may have helped both experienced and new players to learn much more about the various types of slot games apart from other interesting and exciting online gambling games.

Many also feel that it may have helped them to earn something extra when compared to many other such outlets. Where does the truth lie? Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines for the benefit of our readers.


Do They Walk The Talk?

With so many fly-by-night operators, there is a common doubt that lingers in the minds of many online gamblers and gaming enthusiasts. The same applies to Live22 online casino also. Hence, let us try and find out the reasons why many players consider this to be a good option for satisfying their need for a satisfying gaming and gambling experience.

Though they have many types of games to offer, their specialty perhaps lies in the fact that they have some good collections of slot games. They have three types of slots and these are the highly popular progressive jackpot slots.

live22 fortune dance

Live22 Fortune Dance

This is followed by the bonus slots that offer the players a chance to earn some handsome bonuses. Finally, video slots are the most popular ones especially amongst youngsters and those who belong to the new generation of online gamblers. But having said all this, they are bound to face tough competition from the likes of Spadegaming.


What Is Unique About Live22

Live22 has been able to make its presence felt strongly because it has been able to offer something for every player. The beginners can enjoy the best of three-reel slots. This could help them to learn the game from scratch and migrate to the next higher level.

live22 monkey king

Live22 Monkey King

Though it could be a time-consuming affair, it is worth it because the whole thing will become easy and simple as they master the basics of the various games in general and the slot games in particular.

The slot games are highly popular because they offer the players a suitable practicing arena without which they may not be able to learn more about the real slots. They have a good collection of games including roaring stripes, laughing Buddha, sexy beach party and of course the ever famous Fortune Dance. Ask any expert slot player, he or she will have many good things to say about the above slot variants.


Live Casinos in Live22

live22 live casino dashboard

The Live22 Casino gaming experience is best described by being a part of it. You could play the game alone without those prying eyes looking at you. They live casinos are also famous because you will have the company of some of the sexiest lady dealers and this can happen even when you are playing online.

These are just a few obvious reasons as to why there is a growing demand for live casinos from this gambling out not only across Malaysia but also across many other neighboring countries.


Decent Payouts

Another big reason for the growing popularity of Live22 online casino is because of their exciting payouts. They are known to give almost 86% payouts as far as the virtual ones are concerned. Coming to Live22 casinos, the payouts in many situations has been around 97% which is awesome, to say the least.

Therefore when it comes to living casino choices, not many online sites, right now, would be able to match this site.


The Best Collection of Arcade Games

Live22 casino has a good collection of arcade games. While the list is quite big and we may not be able to cover everything, we will share a few of them. Further, most of the arcade games can be played on mobile games just by downloading the applications. They also can be played while on the move.

While the above does make Live22 a good online gambling site, many players believe that they may not be able to match the variety and excitement that Spadegaming offers. Hence, let us try and have a look at the reasons why there could be logical reasons to choose Spadegaming over Live22 online casino.


Why Choose Spadegaming Instead of Live22

spadegaming online casino review

There may be many reasons to choose Live22, but there are many players who believe that it perhaps makes more sense to go in for Spadegaming. Players must have some genuine reasons for finding Spadegaming a better choice when compared to Live22 and we are discussing a few of the reasons.

Spadegaming has certain advantages and they are worth mention here. It offers a number of games that are full of adventure, and the big takeaway is that it has four heroes. Each of them has their unique abilities and styles and they are simply mesmerizing for the players.

The characters are based on some famous Asian Legends. You may get bored playing the games in Live22 but it will never be the case with Spadegaming. Further, the chances of pocketing big wins are perhaps more with Spadegaming.


Spadegaming is a wheel game and the players should spin the wheel once the bets have been placed. The game will start after 25 hero counts. If the players can win some things and objects about a hero, he or she will be the winner and will be awarded the right prizes depending on the wins.


Learning The Betting Strategies

To make the best out of Spadegaming, the players have to put in place the right betting strategies. The amount of bet should be as low as possible, to begin with. The bets must also be placed as per the games. It would be better to avoid auto spins because of the risk of bots. You must increase your bet money only after you have been at it for long periods and if you are reasonably sure of not losing big money.

There are many variants of Spadegaming and you could choose the one that is in line with your tastes, liking, and preferences. A few names that come to our mind are Sweet Bakery, Cai Shen 888, FAFAFA and a host of others.

They include games like Gold Panther, Money Mouse, Dancing Fever, Fishing War, Wow Prosperity, Triple Panda, Gangster Axe, and Princess Wang apart from a few others.

When all the above factors are taken into account and also when one looks at the payout record of Spadegaming, many players are ready to put their money on these games instead of Live22. While Live 22 casino may be good, Spadegaming certainly has many things better as far as overall customer satisfaction is concerned.


Safety And Security

Live22 has always taken care to ensure that the players are provided with the best security as far as their confidential information, personal details, and financial details are concerned. Every bit of information that is shared with Live22 is fully secured and encrypted.


Customer Services

Any online gambling site is only as good as the type of customer services that it offers. There is no doubt that Live22 has always offered good customer services. Customer complaints are handled proactively through phone calls, chats, emails and other forms of communication. They have set standards and timelines when it comes to handling customer complaints.


Final Recommendation

We hope our readers would have got a reasonably good idea about Live22 online casino site. However, our opinion and vote are clearly in favor of Spadegaming and there are some obvious reasons for this. First and foremost the variety of games offered by Spadegaming is far better and Live22 is no match for it.

Further, the overall satisfaction levels and even the chances of winning big money are much higher as far as Spadegaming is concerned. Therefore, Spadegaming will become even more popular in the months and years to come and will eclipse Live22 for sure.

If you want to play online, our recommendation is Spadegaming because of obvious reasons.



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