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Nova88: Online Casino Review

If you are an online casino gambling and gaming enthusiast, you will love to be in touch with articles that talk about various gambling sites. We are quite optimistic that you will also like this article because it compares two well known online gambling sites of Malaysia and other neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and a few other countries.

NOVA88 ONLINE sportsbooking review

There are many customers and other information seekers who may believe that it makes sense to choose Nova88 online casino because of its experience, history and other attributes. This may be only partially true because of various reasons.

The online casino and gaming industry is always in a state of change and new players and new online casino outlets are setting up shops every day. Hence, it may not be always right to put all your money on existing online sport betting sites without gathering the right information and knowledge.

While there are some good takeaways as far as Nova88 online casino gambling and gaming outlet is concerned, they are in for tough times because the competition is heating up and many new players are ready to do what it takes to push even firmly established players. We are sure that the next few lines will give the readers a new perspective about Nova88 online sports booking but also help us to learn more about new, powerful, dynamic and proactive players like CMD368.


Some Basic Information About Nova88

This online gambling site was stared in the year 2008 and over the years it has grown in size and has thousands of players attached to it. It has seen some good days by offering some impressive range of betting limits. It also was known for its good betting odds. The site has its headquarters located in the Philippines. 2008 and the years following it were the times when people where slowly moving away from brick and mortar gaming outlets to the online ones. In these initial days, Nova88 was able to make some impression with new entrants.

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However, as competition heated up and as new technologies and new online gaming sites started sprouting all over the place things were indeed getting tough for the likes of Nova88. Initially, they were known to be pro-customer and were ready to go out of the way to make customers happy. They did grow in size and stature and this perhaps made them complacent and they started to become a bit laid back and perhaps even started to take things for granted. We also need to mention here that Nova88 online casino was previously known as IBCBET.


Games on Offer

Nova88 has a reasonably good collection of games and it caters to the varying tastes and needs of customers. Customers and experienced gamblers and punters believe that they have a wide collection of live casinos, sports betting opportunities, and also a decent collection of virtual sports. They are perhaps capable of meeting the needs and tastes of customers. They have a collection of card games, slot games, wheel games, live roulettes and some unique games that are liked by the local customers of Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and other such places.

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But we need to look at Nova88 from a new perspective because many new, aggressive and dynamic players like CMD368 have entered the scene. They have started taking the local online casino gaming market by storm and it would not be an exaggeration to mention that established players like Nova88 have tasks cut out for them. They may no longer be safe if they continue to rest on their past laurels and glories because of obvious reasons of increasing competition and other such things.


Sports Betting

There is no denying the fact that sports betting along with casino gambling and gaming are the main reasons why thousands of punters, gamblers, and customers flock to online gaming sites. Nova88 has understood this and they have a collection of sports betting options as is the case with other major online gaming sites in this part of the world. They offer betting opportunities to various sports enthusiasts covering major sports like baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, boxing, swimming and golf amongst other sports.

There are a few subheads under each of these above sports and this takes care of the various sporting events that are held in different parts of South-East Asia and also across the world. But here again, many players believe that they have not been as aggressive as they should have been. New entrants have invested quite a bit on technology and therefore can offer much more in terms of several sports, sporting events, and other such things. Nova88 has to wake up and take note of the rapid things that are happening around them without wasting too much time.


What Have Users To Say About Nova88

There is an old proverb in English which states that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hence, at the end of the day, feedback from customers is one of the best ways to find out more about the various games, the technologies, the services, payouts, and other such things offer by Nova88. The site has invested in technology and has made it relevant to many thousands of customers in terms of convenience and ease of usage.

However, according to some reviews, not everything seems to be going right for them as far as the usage is concerned. The movement from one page to another, according to players and gamblers could have been better. The chronological arrangements of various sports events and the subdivision based on games, according to some players, leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The design features of online gambling games are also not the best according to many players who have spent years Nova88. This is because of several reasons. These players have had a taste of other technologies and they feel that Nova88 has not been as proactive as they should have been. Having said this, there is no doubt that Nova88 continues to cover several games including cricket, football, golf, tennis, soccer, motorsports and many other popular ones.

With new players like CMD368 knocking at their doors, unless the design features, game counts and other such things are not ramped up, Nova88 might find the going tough in the days and months to come. Merely relying on their past glories and track record may not be able to take them very far in a highly competitive, complex, tough and ever-changing world.


Customer Services

Over the year Nova88 has been able to do reasonably well as far as their customer services are concerned. But since the complexities of online casino gambling, gaming and sports betting keep increasing by the day, some customers feel that they need to improve their customer service benchmarks. Having said this, they are okay as of now and would do even better if they can copy things that are being offered by sites like CMD368 in the area of customer services.


Why There Is So Much Excitement Surrounding CMD368

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The above would have certainly helped our readers to have a reasonably good idea about the reasons for treading with caution as far as Nova88 is concerned. While it might be too premature to write them off, they are in for tough times and they need to put their act together and look at ways to change various things ranging from some games to technology, from customer services to sign up facilities.

One of the biggest takeaways for CMD368 is their sportsbook. There is no doubt that it offers some of the best features. For example, the special bonuses offered for sportsbook players are quite exciting and worth being talked about. It certainly has helped many players to increase their chances of winning and their bankrolls have become heavier and healthier. They have some wagering requirements and they are quite market-friendly and not very tough as it often happens with many other such outlets.


The Best of Sports Betting

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There is one more reason as to why CMD368 could be a better option when compared to Nova88. Yes, we are referring to sports betting. Within a short period, they have been able to become one of the most well known and popular sportsbooks in the whole of Asia. This is no mean achievement in a highly competitive and demanding market. The real-time sports watching and betting options are quite impressive and this also increases the sports betting opportunities as far as this site is concerned. They have a big list of games and sports for betting and they include games like volleyball, snooker, basketball, tennis, soccer, motorsports, and Olympic games.

They also have many exciting types of bet types and many of them take into account the specific needs and requirements of Asian customers from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other such places.


The Final Word

Though Nova88 may be older online gambling and sports betting outlet, the likes of CMD368 are fast catching up with them and it may not be long before they overtake Nova88. Ask any customer or gaming and gambling expert, they will certainly tell you more than a dozen reasons as to why it makes a much better sense to invest your time, money and effort in sites like CMD368. They have a much wider range of gambling options to offer and also the best of Asian handicaps among other things. Choose CMD368 over Nova88 for a much better gaming experience.


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